• Latest news: Great MARSHAL cotton & HDPE tarpaulin and green shade nets are available. Call : 079-25712248

We offer customers a variety of green Shade net which are commonly used for safety reasons in development and exploration industry. Produced using quality raw material our variety is commonly recommended all across the country due to its light-weight, high strength and developed to give higher comfort.

  • - Green Net: We offer clients a wide Green shade Nets those are mostly used in houses, in offices, in agricultural area etc.
  • - Shade Net: We are providing our customers, great quality Colour Net, which is produced using 100% pure material. These nett have high-content of High Solidity Polythelyne (HDPE) and are handled with great quality color & UV stabilizers.We offer it in various shade amount like 30%, 50%, 65%, 75% and 90%.

  • Shade Net

  • Green Net